Commercial Services




Our network has the bandwidth capacity to serve as your business’ primary Internet connection or as a redundant backup connection to ensure continuity. As you grow, move or hire more personnel, we can easily add more bandwidth. We also offer gigabit fiber services.   We are prepared to discuss your business needs and can suggest a class of service that is right for you. 231.794.2180

M-22 Internet Project primarily serves rural environments where cable and digital subscriber lines are not available.  In urban environments, we are able to offer a Gigabit Wireless links thereby provide levels of bandwidth previously only available through expensive fiber optic connections. Higher speeds for all service plans and custom packages are available upon request.


Business Class Wireless

Similar to a cable modem or DSL connection, the bandwidth available to an individual subscriber is shared with other subscribers on the access point.

Business Class 5/2      $79

Business Class 10/2    $99

Business Class 15/5    $129

Business Class 20/10 $159

Business Class 10/10  $129

Business Class 15/15  $159

Business Class 20/20  $199


Dedicated Connection Wireless Service

Bandwidth is dedicated to the subscriber, similar to a T/DS-1 or T/DS 3 connection. Space is reserved across the provider’s network from the provider’s network gateway though relay locations to the customer’s location. Standard Installation Charge is $425. Service Level Agreement is available.

Dedicated Connection 10/10 $199

Dedicated Connection 15/15 $249

Dedicated Connection 20/20 $299

Dedicated Connection 30/30 $349

Dedicated Connection 40/40 $449


Dedicated Connection Wireless Service – Burstable

A burstable dedicated connection is billed based on the 95th percentile average bandwidth used over the billing period. This connection allows the customer to exceed the committed information rate (CIR) for short periods of time. .

Dedicated Connection – Burstable – 10/10 mbps – $379

Dedicated Connection – Burstable – 20/20 mbps – $569


Commercial FAQ

How does the M-22 Internet Service differ from a cable company? 

The biggest difference is the speed.  Our users will experience a lower latency or ping time.  The wireless connection is more reliable than a cable based modem connection.  Our link is tied directly to the fiber connection whereas a cable company is linked with their modem.  During busy periods such as the high summer, holiday or weekends the M-22 Wireless connection will be more reliable and consistent.


Do you offer onsite support? 

Yes, we offer onsite support.


Do you offer Static IP addresses? 

Yes, we offer Static IP.


Do you offer a Hotspot for my business? 

Yes, we can offer a Hotspot.