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Please email project@m22project or call our service line directly at 231.794.2180 and leave a voicemail.   Your message will be processed in our ticketing system.

Troubleshooting at Home

This guide is meant to serve as a reference if your Internet service is not performing to your satisfaction. There are a number of things you can do yourself that could more than likely fix any issue you are experiencing. Below are some images of the devices and a description of what their function is.

The Wireless Radio (the antenna) mounts to the outside of the house and connects to a nearby link location.

The Radio Power Supply (the small rectangular box) powers the Wireless Radio using an Ethernet cable connected to the POE jack. It has a second Ethernet cable from the LAN jack that is connected to the Wireless Router.

The Wireless Router (the flat box) connects all of your computers, smartphones and tablet devices either wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable.


If you experience no Internet access or slow Internet access, try these in order, and check for Internet after each step:

  1. Try from a different computer, or restart computer you are using.
  2. Restart both the Wireless Router and the Radio Power Supply by plugging both devices and waiting ten seconds. Plug both devices back in and wait a few minutes to them to resume normal functions. Try opening a webpage then.
  3. Using an Ethernet cable, plug your computer directly into one of the 1-4 ports on the Wireless Router. If you have Internet access now, then the Wireless Router is defective. Let us know and we will provide a replacement.
  4. Visually inspect the outdoor Wireless Radio. It may have become detached from the mount during a storm, or the wire may be cut.
  5. Our equipment performs best when there is a clear line of sight to the Uplink Radio from the Wireless Radio mounted on your house. Check to make sure tree growth has not obscured the path between your radio and uplink radio.
  6. If a wired computer seems to be much faster than the wireless computers, then you may have some wireless interference in your house that could be causing the slow-down. Possible interferences could be wireless weather stations or old microwave ovens.

If none of these steps get your service working properly, please contact us at 231.794.2180/ 231.794.1711 or email us at


Seasonal Customers

  1. To be placed on the seasonal pause, please contact us prior to departing for your winter residence.
  2. We recommend that you leave your router plugged in, even if you disconnect your power. This will ground the equipment through your electrical system preventing the risk of damage due to potential lightening strike. We also make configurations to the network, and if your device is not on, you may have to wait for a technician visit in order for you service to be working properly once you return in the spring.